Ring Sizing Guide

Your ring should fit your finger comfortably; snug enough that it will not fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle with some resistance.

Measure your ring size a few times a day at different times of the day as the size fluctuates depending on the temperature. Thus the same ring can sit really snug during warmer, summer days or afternoons, but very loose during cold winter days or early morning.

To get the most accurate measurement, go to your local jewellery shop to have your finger professionally measured.

*please note that broader rings tend to sit tighter and you might have to go up a half size or full size. Please keep this in mind especially if you would like to stack a few rings together.


Measuring at Home

Please note that if you choose to measure your finger at home and the measurement ends up being incorrect, we cannot be held liable. Therefore, we advise you to get properly measured at your local jewellery store.

Use a piece of ribbon or string

(Please use string or ribbon and not elastics or measuring tape to measure your finger)

* take a piece of ribbon/string and wrap it around the base of your finger

* mark where the ribbon/string overlaps

* open it up and measure the total length in millimeters as accurately as possible

* make sure that the string is not too tight or too loose, and keeping in mind it needs to slide over your knuckle

* and take care not to over/under stretch the ribbon/string

**do not use elastics or measuring tape to measure your finger as this will almost always give the incorrect reading.

Measure a ring you already own
If you have a ring at home that you already wear on the preferred finger and that fits perfectly, use that to measure the correct size
* lay the ring flat on a ruler to measure the inner diameter of you ring in millimeters
* this is the length from one side of the band to the other at the widest point. Start at the inside of the band on the left and end at the inside of the band on the right.
* try to measure as accurately as possible
* take a photo of the ring on the ruler and the measurement
Find your measurement in the chart below for your UK ring size