Care Guidelines


* Sterling Silver, Copper or Brass can tarnish and become dull-looking, especially when exposed to moisture and other chemicals.

So it is best to remove your jewellery when:

· Sleeping, showering and swimming;

· Applying cosmetic products and perfumes;

· Exercising, especially at the gym and in the sauna; or

· Working with your hands, and they are exposed to any chemicals or force.


* Luckily your jewellery can be cleaned and restored back to its original shine, by washing it with lukewarm soapy water and a soft bristle toothbrush, a good rinse and a quick polish with a polishing cloth

(Brasso can be used to brighten you beautiful brass pieces)


* Store your jewellery in airtight containers when not wearing them, but the best way to keep your jewellery looking shiny and new is to wear it!